Top Halloween Costumes of 2018!

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Old or young dressing up is for everyone! Halloween is only 25 days away and that means its times to start getting creative! Weather you wanna be original or the best of the most popular it’s time to start thinking about and collecting your Halloween costume. For Halloween 2018 we are predicting these costumes for the top 5 costumes for all ages!

#5-Mamma Mia! Here we go again! Mamma Mia 2 came out July of 2018! This was a huge hit with all ages young and old with catching lively ABBA music and dancing for a fun upbeat celebration for all ages. Of course we can’t forget their outlandish 70’s outfits that make for a blast from the past and some of the most fun costumes this year!

#4-Wonder Women! Wonder Woman is a icon for women all over with her belief “that only love can save the world”. She is an icon of strength inside and out with compassion, love, and hope. Not to mention looks that could kill. What girl wouldn’t want to dress up like the oh so wonderful Wonder Women!

#3-Riverdale! Riverdale is a hit TV show that premiered on the CW in January of 2017. Riverdale is themed after the 1940’s Archie comics. The game changed though when they joined with Netflix they continued to grow their following to what now is people of all ages from teens to adults! Many eagerly await for season 3 to premiere of on October 10th of 2018! The four main characters are Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica and we predict they along with the supporting characters of Cheryl and The Black Hood will be making their appearance on your streets Halloween night!

#2-The Black Panther! This marvel movie took the scene February of 2018 and recently joined the Netflix list. With its unique focus on technology and desire to change the world rather than just save the world. The black panther certainly stands out and will more than likely show up at your door October 31st!

#1-The Incredibles! After 14 years The Incredibles finally made their appearance on the big screen again! The Incredibles are well known and loved by all ages as Disney has created a family fun film that’s entertaining for all and with their sleek super suits makes it fun, easy, and comfortable to dress as them! We are sure to see them saving the neighborhoods from havacc on Halloween night!

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