Lift Locker Changelog

1.1.0 | 7/3/18
  • New: Mobile responsive DataTables
  • New: Added “Last Tech Check” date to Registered Lifts Table
  • New: Added¬†“Last Inspection” date to Registered Lifts Table
  • Tweak: Removed the ability to add multiple quantity to equipment registration
  • Fixed: Shop Owner dashboard link going to shop location dashboard
1.0.1 | 6/13/18
  • New: Changelog page
  • Tweak: Consolidated the signup process into one form
  • Tweak: Implemented new ID handler
  • Tweak: Moved add new user from shop owner dashboard to location dashboard
  • Fixed: Incorrect dashboard link for shop owners
  • Fixed: Service provider user management incorrect id filter
1.0.0 | 3/28/18
  • Initial launch