The Best Candy to Hand Out This Year!

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It’s almost that time to get your candy buckets ready for all those crazy trick-or-treaters! In this article we are going to let you in on a little bit of our Lift Locker family! Here at Lift Locker we are ready for Halloween and all the excitement it brings but our favorite part is definitely the sweet treats that come out on Halloween night.

The classic Tootsie Roll! This candy is so beyond classic grandparents and great grandparent have memories from their childhood receiving these wonderful little chocolaty rolls in their Halloween buckets! Tootsie Rolls are Josh’s favorite Halloween candy. Josh is one of our loved owners of Lift Locker. He is the man behind the idea. Josh wanted to find a way to track auto lifts and the work done on them more efficiently and paperless. Allowing for these auto lifts to be safer.

Snickers! Who doesn’t love a good snickers bar? This is Teresa’s favorite candy to hand out on Halloween night! Teresa is another part of your trio of amazing owners. She is the heart behind the operation we call Lift Locker keeping the company focused on what they set out to do and putting it into practice with our many partners!

Reese’s! Though more specifically white chocolate Resse’s are a Halloween sweet spot for David. David is the final part of the trio of Lift Locker owners! He is our developer and all things technical. He is the guy on the other side of the screen helping Lift Locker to come to life and be all it was created to be!

All things Gummy! Hailey is a fan of all things gummy though her favorite are the Haribo gummy bears especially the white ones. Hailey is our marketing specialist. She writes our blogs and constantly works to get the word out about the beauty of the safety and convenience that comes with Lift Locker!

M&M’s! What’s a Halloween night without a few M&M’s in every bucket! Mason is our M&M fan here at the office especially the peanut ones! Mason is our loved tech specialist. He works on the back end of Lift Locker with David to improve and develop the website and application.

Be sure to enjoy some of our favorites this awesome Halloween season! Happy Halloween!

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