Bring on the Fantasy Football!

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It’s that time of year where we look forward to our Sunday’s all week long! Why is this? It’s football season! Football season means something to everyone whether it means great food, time spent with family and friends, or the friendly competition of fantasy football. Fantasy football is a great way to enjoy some friendly competition and a even better reason for friends to get together and have fun and if you’re lucky win some little bonus cash. The key to a great fantasy football league is having a great host site. Here are a few recommendations to the best site to start your fall football fun!

According to Nick Ercolano at the website the strong leader in this is Yahoo. They allow for a clean and easy to use program with excellent advice on players, and user friendly set up. They also allow for messaging between the league to allow for some friendly or not-so-friendly trash talk (Ercolano, 2015).

Another relatively obvious one is ESPN. This site comes recommended by a few places as number two. Ercolano suggests this as it is free and they have some uniques features such as weekly report cards, press conferences, and league invite video (Ercolano, 2015). Chris Boyajian at also recommends ESPN as the are “a one stop shop fantasy football site” (Boyajian, n.d.).

The first two recommendations come from agreement from many places thouse the third doesn’t rank the same to everyone. seems like another obvious one being as the teams are created from the official NFL players. According to Boyajian this is the 3rd best site to use because they host the official fantasy football service of the NFL as well as if you have Direct tv they have built in many benefits with this package (Boyajian, n.d.). Though Ercolano has recommended 4th with MFL ranked just above them. NFL is exploring some new territory with the popularity of fantasy football (Ercolano, 2015).

We mentioned MFL which is above and for good reason. Ercolano writes that they are gaining popularity because they are “highly sophisticated and unique” (Ercolano, 2015). The downside is MFL doesn’t come without a price though if you are really into the rules and all the bells and whistles within your team it’s worth it (Ercolano, 2015).

Fantasy football has become one of America’s great traditions and has the beauty of involving even the least expecting wether because of age or other characteristics. Hurry, Create your fantasy football league now and let the fun begin!


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