How to prep your shop for October fun!

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October is one of the best months for many reasons and one of the greatest is Halloween! Nothing puts people more in the Halloween spirit more than some great Halloween decor! When decorating a workplace there are 5 key places that are the easiest and most effective places to decorate.

  1. The door! Everyone sees the door and its important to use that to your advantage. There are a million things you can do with the door. Some suggestions is make a character out of the door. This could be a mummy, Frankenstein, vampire, or even a jack-o-lantern! Another option is to do a scene like a graveyard, or fall festival! All you need is some paper and tape and a little bit of creativity!
  2. The windows! This is a great place to get some window markers and have some fun write a fun saying like “trick or treat” or “Happy Halloween” or draw a spooky scene different from the door. Just pick up some window markers and have fun!
  3. Candy! Third is probably the easiest is a bowl of candy! Everyone loves Halloween candy, its mini so you can have more than one and have many different kinds. This is super easy find a bowl and dump some Halloween candy and put it near the register, or on the lobby table, or even on a workbench in the shop. Bring some sugary joy to your shop!
  4. Hallways or Doorways! Almost any party store, Walmart, dollar store, or target have inexpensive banners that you can get and put up in any hallway or doorway. It takes 5 minutes and can totally change a room and those that walk into it.
  5. Walls! Spidey webs! Who doesn’t love the fake spider webs that come with  great time of Halloween! These webs may take a little time to put up and get to look the way you want but they are cheap and can go anywhere! Put them on the walls inside and out put them on the counter put them anywhere and everywhere just have fun!

Decorating should never be a daunting task but rather a fun way to kick off a very fun season! Soak it up, get some sugar, be creative, and have some fun!

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