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The history of Oktoberfest started in October of 1810 in Munich when the soon to be king, Ludwing I married the princess Teresa of Sassonia-Hildburghausen. This was a grand event and all citizens were invited. They ended the event with a horse race and grand feast. The next year they decided to repeat the event and then Oktoberfest was born (History of Oktoberfest, n.d.). Oktoberfest became a way for Munich and Germany to celebrate autumn. As with every celebration the germans were involved with so was their beer. In 1910 the 100th anniversary of Oktoberfest there was a record 120,000 liters of beer consumed (History of Oktoberfest, n.d.). Over the next hundred years Oktoberfest became a celebration around food, beer, and friends and family. The horse races stopped and the mayor started a tradition of tapping the first barrel of beer (History of Oktoberfest, n.d.). Now this wonderful celebration of autumn is celebrated nearly all over the world.

With Lift Locker being based in Arizona and have shops and service providers all over the southwest of the united states here are 3 of the most unique experiences to celebrate Oktoberfest in the Southwest!

Arizona- When it comes to selecting the best Oktoberfest in AZ if comes down to what exactly you are wanting from your celebration weekend. The most authentic Oktoberfest celebration takes place in Peoria, AZ. This old world celebration happens October 5th and 6th from 5-10pm. Peoria makes their celebration authentic with Die Echten Walbuam band who is flown in from Germany. They follow this with formal opening ceremonies and keg tapping. After the celebrations officially started there are costume contests, beer stein holding contest and so much dancing and fun. Definitely the best authentic experience (Peoria Oktoberfest, n.d.). Though if you are looking for a less authentic Oktoberfest the biggest and best is in Tempe, AZ from October 12-14th. Tempe has created a giant Oktoberfest with old traditions such as beer, german music, and dachshund races. As well as new traditions such as wine tasting, small goal soccer, and NFL cardinals viewing party (Four Peaks Oktoberfest, n.d.). AZ offers and Oktoberfest for any type, so go and enjoy! You could even do both if you’re really feeling it!

Nevada– Nevada is making Oktoberfest over a month long celebration! From September 14th -October 31st come celebrate the Hofbrauhaus Oktoberfest in Las Vegas, Nevada. The classic german beer hall offers celebrity keg tapping every Friday and Saturday night. This in addition to food specials on classic german food, stein holding contests and a traditional Bavarian Band (Hofbrauhaus Oktoberfest, 2018). This is definitely a Las Vegas experience unlike any other!

Southern California– who would have thought Oktoberfest near a beach but the oldest largest Oktober festival in Southern California is held in Torrance, CA every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from September 7th to October 27th. This festival is full of all the fun traditions from delicious german food and beer to wonderful entertainment. They take great pride in their authentic entertainment of 10 and 12 piece Oom Pah band flown in from Germany! This Oktoberfest celebration is also unique as it has time for adults only (Friday and Saturday) as well as a family day(Sunday). They also encourage a designated driver by offering them discounted tickets (Oktoberfest, 2018). Who has ever heard of Oktoberfest near a beach? This is sure to be an experience unlike any other!


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