Find Your Fall Fashion!

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Fall fashion is not only for the ladies.The idea of being comfy and still looking put together works for everyone, Using layers to help with those trouble areas, and invest in new pieces that compliment your wardrobe. Changing weather creates opportunities for you to reinvent yourself and add new life. The hard part is where to find it. Finding what great new clothing  doesn’t have to be hard, because now you will know where to look. Here are a few great places to find your fall fashion.

Instagram! This can work in a variety of different ways from seeing what your friends are wearing to following some of your favorite shops and seeing what is new. You can also find out what’s in by following your favorite celebrity or fashion icon, let them lead the way. The last but not least resource on Instagram is the power of hashtags. You can find nearly anything that’s trending through a hashtag and fall fashion is no exception.

Facebook is another great place to look not only at your friends but also at all the adds that pop up. Facebook doesn’t post spam adds rather adds of things they think you may like based off of your search history. This can sometimes be the key to finding that tricky item you know you want but can’t seem to find.

Pinterest! This can open up a very overwhelming world but the key is use Pinterest as a tool. Use it to find out what’s in and what you like and don’t like then you can focus on what makes those outfits you like and got out and find them. Sometimes it’s as easy as clicking the link and sometimes it means a hunt and with a high reward.

Go shopping! This option might seem kind of silly but it really can work wonders if you know what you are looking for. The key is going into the right stores and being observant to find the fall trends I wouldn’t necessarily suggest a Walmart or goodwill or any other second-hand clothing store even if it’s a designer second hand because well clearly all that stuff was last season. The best places to go are the most popular and in trend such as department stores, boutiques. Pay attention to the item you see reappearing and how the mannequins are dressed that’s typically a dead giveaway to what’s in this year. This doesn’t mean always buy it from those places as sometimes you can find what you’re looking at lower cost elsewhere but rather use it as a place of research.

Enjoy getting dressed again and the way your clothes make you feel whether it be powerful, beautiful, or confident. Embrace your fall fashion!

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