Finding Fall in Arizona

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September is the start of fall and everything great about this wonderful season. Liftlocker is based in Arizona and in this article we are going to try and find fall in AZ. Arizona is known generally as a place where fall seems to be non-existent though it really is just hard to find. You just need to know where to look to find that beautiful fall experience  you are looking for. Fall comes with so many great perks from pumpkin and maple flavored everything, the start of all the greatest holidays, the best weather, and so many fun activities!

In Arizona one of the best is the weather and the wonderful opportunities to adventure. Arizona is known for there 110 degree summers and that means when fall comes its some of the happiest relief. Let’s talk about some of the best places to adventure and explore when the fall relief hits.

  1.       Let’s start with the most known and thought of adventure in Arizona! The Grand Canyon! This destination is just that a destination and it can be filled with as much or as little adventure as you wish. The Grand Canyon offers hikes of all levels from backpacking down the canyon to a nature walk on the rim. And if hiking isn’t for you it also offers some of the world’s most stunning views and a beautiful place to relax and enjoy just taking in natures beauty and wit some of the best weather!
  2.       Most common is Flagstaff, AZ. This is with good reason it is home to some of the highest elevation in Arizona and therefore has fall time hit much quicker. Flagstaff is also home to Northern Arizona University which means when fall hits all the students come home and the town gets its life back. Some of the best ways to experience fall in flagstaff is through their vast amount of hikes at all levels. Though if hiking doesn’t suttee you there is so much more you can explore with the wonderful fall weather, such as the Lowell observatory, a ride on the chairlift at snow bowl or for the shoppers and foodies try shopping at the unique shops in downtown, trying the different flagstaff specific restaurants and breweries!
  3.     A fun and a slower speed place is Sedona. Sedona is still very well know and for good reason. This beautiful town has the prettiest red rocks known to Arizona and it’s an even better view with all the beautiful fall colors that come in September! Sedona has a lot of the same unique perks of flagstaff though it is a bit slower pace and more of a relaxation instead of an adventure though one can always make it an adventure.
  4.       My favorite  can occur in more than one place but camping! Who doesn’t love going into the forest and turning off the electronics and taking some time with family and friends away from the stresses of the world. Fall is the perfect time to do this! Camping can be done in any of the 3 above places though those will be the busiest! Some of the best fall camping places in Arizona are Willow Springs, Apache Lake, and Tonto National Bridge.

With Fall among us take the time and go explore and experience the beautiful fall that Arizona has to offer!

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