Pets in the Work Place

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Pets in the workplace seems a like crazy idea for a list of reasons. Though here we are to talk about the benefits and tips on a successful pet in the workplace.

The Benefits:

The work place can often be considered a stressful place as well as can bring some negativity. Pets are often known to be a stress reliever and positive influence in people. For example, hospitals often have therapy dogs come and visit patients because they are uplifting and leave the patients feeling better. Pets in the workplace can have the same effect in the office uplifting spirits and helping to be a comic relief and positive energy for employers and employees alike.

Pets can also increase productivity rather than the expected decrease. It has been shown that happy positive people are more productive than negative and stressed people. Pets can create that positive environment helping keep all employees positive and productive.

Comradery is important in the workplace and pets can encourage that when least expected. Pets especially dogs are often social creatures and for that reason can help bring the socialness out of an otherwise anti-social person. Having an office pet can really make everyone feel like a family.

Tips for a Positive Workplace Pet:

  • Keep your pet clean and well groomed. Just as everyone wants their coworkers and workplace to be clean and organized the same should go for the office pet. This will also help to keep the positive parts of the pet to be the focus rather than the less positive parts.
  • Do your research. For an office pet to be a positive experience it is important to do one’s research. Make sure no one in the office is seriously allergic or afraid of the desired pet. Also research the best pet for the work environment. For example, if it’s a quiet office and that’s important to the type of work it’s probably best to get a fish or rabbit or reptile, a quite pet rather than a loud or active pet. If its an office that continuously buzzing with phones and people talking and working together than maybe a dog of some sort would be good as they will be part of the team and active rather than just on the office shelf. It is important to know the animal and what it entails before introducing it to the workplace.
  • Prep the workplace. All pets take some form of preparation some more than others but it is important to prep the workplace for the pet whether it’s clearing an area in the breakroom or checking that no wires or no pet friendly items are in reach of the pet. Keep the office and pet safe, be prepared!
  • Office agreement. It is important to have an office/workplace agreement that the pet is a positive choice, and everyone understands the risks of pets. Pets of all types can come with a range of risks as even the most trained and well-behaved pets can occasionally act out. It is important to have the agreement as to be sure no one capitalized on a mishap.

Pets in the workplace can be such a benefit if introduced and prepared for properly! Take the chance and enjoy the benefits of your office’s new best friend!

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