Quality Over Quantity

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Quality over quantity. This is a phrase nearly every adult has heard at least once in their life. The meaning of the phrase is simple it is better to have good quality rather than a large quantity with poor quality. This concept can be applied to nearly every part of life though is often overlooked in the business world. There are three essential areas of business that philosophy of quality over quantity will make a business more successful.

The first is in their internal products. This tends to be the most obvious one to many business owners. It means that the products the business buys for the company to perform their service or sell their products had to be of the best quality. The philosophy of this decision is the better quality, the longer it lasts, the longer it lasts the less money the company spends fixing or replacing said products. This is simple less money spent internally higher profit coming in.

The second is less obvious but truly comes down to the values of the company. A company that believe in delivering a high-quality service or product to their customers will benefit much more than one that believe is just selling as much as possible as quickly as possible regardless of quality. From a simple aspect the above statement seems to be misleading though it’s the customer return and referral that truly can make or break a company. When a customer is impressed with the quality of a product or service, including safety and durability. They are more likely to come back in a few years when they need help or a new product. They are also much more likely to refer the company to other companies, friends, or even just write a positive review. This creates a loyalty with customers that will make the company prosper better long term than a bunch of one-time customers.

The third area goes along with the second and is even less obvious. Its human resources or customer service. Customer service is the heart of any successful business and it takes the right mindset of those individuals to truly succeed. They need to have the mindset that it’s not about how many people they help rather the quality of their interactions and the way their customer leaves feeling. Poor customer service is one of the largest complaints that occur in the business world and nothing stops new customers faster than a negative review about customer service.

All three of these areas work together to give a business a personality and value. A successful business will have a quality over quantity personality. Lift Locker strives to excel in all of these areas as well as to help your business to do the same. Adopt the quality mindset, get on liftlocker.com, and excel in success.

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