Success Beyond Your Dreams

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Success can be described in many ways though the most common in business is though money, accomplishment, and growth. Success in a business is a group effort with the true importance relying on the individual success of each team member. A person is most successful in their life when they are successful in their day to day and there a few ways that a person can really set themselves up for success daily.

Create a daily morning ritual that you can truly stick to. This should include a few things. The first should be a few minutes for yourself physically. This could be washing your face, taking a shower, brushing teeth really anything that makes a person feel better about how they present themselves. The second should be affirmations, or positive thoughts. Example of this could be self-compliments, happy quotes, feel-good songs, or even reading a positive article. Lastly it is important to have a clean, light breakfast. Clean foods such a fruits and high energy foods are the best to start the day rather than something heavy. Having a positive routine like this sets a person up to feel good and ready to start their day of success.

Organize and focus yourself. This starts with a to do list that turns into a schedule for your day. when creating your schedule start with the most challenging, important, and rewarding task first. This is the same idea as conquering the scariest ride at the amusement park. Once you complete it you will feel that you can do anything, and the rest of the tasks just aren’t as difficult. The other important part of a schedule is the need to stick to it. A schedule is truly pointless if not stuck to as well as this can lead to procrastination and multi-tasking two things that do nothing but lower productivity and efficiency. When setting yourself up for success for the day plan, organize, and focus on your day and tasks on the schedule one at a time.

Lastly when setting yourself up for true success always remember yourself. This means take the time for yourself in 3 ways. One prepares by getting enough sleep. Being sure you truly get your 7-8 hours of sleep each night will set you up to be more awake and focused for your coming day of success. Second is to move often. Getting up and moving between every task or every 2 hours or so will help keep your blood moving and alert and focused. Third is to laugh a little. The best thing in life is to laugh so be sure you do so. When a person laughs they release feel-good chemicals in the brain that stimulates not just part of the brain but rather the whole brain. This helps you burn calories, connect with others and relax your whole body. These three things will help you take care of yourself and be more productive at work leading to greater success.

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